David Wilgenbus – Chief Executive Officer

David Wilgenbus

David Wilgenbus, astrophysicist by training, former La main à la pâte head of the “resource production” department. He coordinated between 2001 and 2018 several large-scale educational programs on sustainable development (health, natural disasters, climate change…), implemented by ~ 100,000 classes in France and abroad. His expertise is the production of educational projects and the professional development of teachers.

David Wilgenbus works now as Chief executive officer of the Office for Climate Education, an international initiative launched in 2018 to promote climate change education worldwide.



Lydie Lescarmontier – Science Officer

Lydie Lescarmontier

Lydie Lescarmontier is a glaciologist, specialized on the functioning of emissary Antarctic glaciers. During her research career, she worked with the CNRS (French National Research Institute) and the Australian National University to better understand the effect of Climate Change on the Antarctic ice sheet. From 2015 to 2017, she was vice-president of the french committee of APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) promoting education and science in polar regions, and is today young researcher represent at the CNFRA (French National Committee of Research in Arctic and Antarctic) and polar guide in the Arctic and Antarctic.

In 2018 she joined the OCE team as Science Officer. Her mission is to coordinate the production of education resources of the OCE and its network and to participate to the teachers' professional development.



Nathalie Morata – Project Manager

Nathalie Morata

Nathalie Morata is a biological oceanographer by training. During her PhD at the University of Connecticut (USA) and her post-doc experiences in Canada, Norway and France, as well as during her participation in several international projects, she has studied the impact of climate change on Arctic marine ecosystems. Between 2014 and 2018, she was vice-president, and then president, of the ART (Arctic in Rapid Transition), an international and multidisciplinary network of early-career scientists investigating Arctic marine ecosystems. In parallel with her research, she has frequently participated in science outreach and environmental awareness projects, both with students and general public. "La Carotte de Classe" book is an example of one of these projects, carried out with a class of K-3 students.

After working as a Scientific Advisor for the French Pole Ambassador, during the Spring of 2019, she joined the OCE team as a Science Officer. Her mission is to participate in the production of education resources and to coordinate the main OCE international project, carried out in partnership with various countries in Latin America.



Mariana Rocha – Science and Communication Officer

Mariana Rocha

Mariana Rocha is a coastal physical oceanographer who spent the first years of her career working on the coastal dynamics of waves and sediments, both in France and Portugal. While growing up, in a Portuguese seaside town, she was often confronted with the huge gap that exists between the scientific community and civil society, particularly concerning topics such as coastal erosion, ocean pollution, or climate change. Therefore, after a 9-month-long bike trip through South America, she decided to move away from her coastal dynamics work and get involved with science outreach. With this in mind, Mariana spent a year working with different NGOs whose focus was the encouragement of science awareness, critical thinking, and sustainable development. She then specialised on science outreach and environmental education, not before finishing a master on science communication.

She joined the OCE team in January 2019 and is currently Science and Communication Officer. Her mission is to coordinate and produce education resources and to contribute to the organisation of professional development workshops for teachers, as well as being in charge of the OCE’s outreach and community management strategies.



Mathilde Tricoire – Education Officer

mathilde tricoire

Mathilde Tricoire is a Natural Sciences teacher. During her studies at the University of Bordeaux, she had the opportunity to get acquainted with the research world and to get involved in climate change and sustainable development issues.

The more she learned about those subjects, the more she felt concerned, and interested in Science. She decided she wanted to convey this knowledge with pedagogy, so that it would reach more people. With this in mind, she became a secondary school teacher.

Between 2017 an 2019 she was President of the academic section (Orléans-Tours) of the Biology and Geology Teachers Association (APBG), which offered her the possibility to enroll in various field trips and to participate in scientific conferences.

After a few very instructive years working in French high schools, she moved to Paris, where she became part of the OCE team, in September 2019. As Education Officer, she participates in the production of education resources for teachers about climate change issues and provides teachers with professional development.

As Education Officer at the OCE, her personal convictions have finally evolved into professional engagement!



Natalie Nicetto – Executive Assistant


Natalie Nicetto is a young graduate in Negotiation of International Projects. Polyglot, thanks to her multicultural background, she speaks 5 languages fluently. Born in Mexico, she has faced on a daily basis the social and environmental consequences of low resilience to strong industrial, climatic, economic and demographic changes. Growing up in this context, she has developed a strong awareness for the preservation of the planet. Very early on and during her academic career, she engaged in different social and solidarity actions (member of the association Potager Partagé Voltaire; organizer of a fundraising campaign for the reconstruction of houses with "SuperAdobe" in Hueyapan, Mexico; coordination of a group of international volunteers in Italy for the development of the territory and sustainable agriculture techniques). After working in the production and promotion of music groups, she developed skills in communication, event organisation and logistics and she decided to continue pursuing a meaningful carreer.

New recruit of the OCE as an executive assistant, her primary mission is to provide logistics and administration support, in particular to the main OCE international project.